​​Judy's Tropical Garden




Our crop of eggplant includes, Italian, Chinese and Round Eggplant

We grow a few varieties of peppers including Hot Banana, Jalapeño and Hot Chilis

Welcome to Judy's Tropical Garden 

Tropical Vegetables Grown in Ontario

The majority of our produce is picked for their fruit as well as their leaves.

Open Daily  

​Open Labour Day Monday September 5, 2016

      We are the one stop shop for your tropical vegetable needs. Drop by our 30 acre vegetable farm in the south east corner of Markham and

      check out our wide variety of fresh tropical produce grown right here on the farm. You can pick your own or pick from our display. 

      Our season runs from early August to Thanksgiving. 


The variety of squash we grow include Opo Squash, Cinderella Squash, Asian Squash and Sweet Mama Squash.